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Neil Draper of Fountain Green Utah picked up a perfectly healthy horse in february for simple training.The horse wasnt fed and he returned it to its pasture extremely under weight and didnt even knock on the door to tell the owner that it was there, just put it in its pasture.

Other people in the area have had similar problems with him in the past evidently. Wish we had known sooner. Do not let this man train for you!

We are waiting to see if this poor horse even lives.The other horses on his property our under fed too.

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He is located in Fountain Green Utah if that helps.


Hi, my name is Lexi and I contacted a man by the name of Neil to train my horse for me.I haven't heard anything bad about him before, but I certainly don't want my horse in his care if she will be mistreated.

Is there another Neil that is a horse trainer in Utah?

His advertisement said $299 a month including feed.Is this the same Neil??

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